Monday, 19 September 2016

Saying Goodbye...

Yep, that's pretty much it. This blog is now officially dead. However, I have begun a new one with Llama...

I will leave this blog open, but yeah, I doubt there will be anything else done here. I have been preparing for a while now to begin this new blog, so little else has been left to this one.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Game Of Thrones Knights

Hej all you people! Long time no see, eh, eh, eh?

Well, I don't have any excuses! None! I have been incredibly busy with school work, and hobby at the same time. However I am sadly not allowed to show pics of most of the stuff I have been doing, as it is for a super secret joint project with a fellow Swedish blogger... who's name is NOT, and for the hell of it, NOT, llama.

But here is what I can show you, from other side projects!

So for a while, I was obsessed with a game of thrones... I rewatched the entire series... :2)

And here is what I have come up with!

So first off we have a slightly blurred (trust me it is better than the one with the shiny shield) hedge knight of unknown valour. I used him as a balancer between the two forces... So make that a hedge-heavily-armoured-mercenary-on-a-horse!

Next we have a familiar model, which turned into a Northman on a horse with a surprisingly Dornish shield. But my theory is, that contrary to the show, the northerners would have dressed in bright, warm, colours, because everything else around them is piss grey... Well... hmm, that contradictory... oh well, we'd better run with it. Oh yes, and a little disclaimer... my theory is also an excuse, a poor one, for painting a wopping great sun on a northmans shield... Oh did I mention that in my theory, the northmen also wear floppy hats and drink hot chocolate? No? well, Now you know!

Yep, no wolves howling through the long night... no flayed men, beheaded men, (that's you Sean... ;D) men who had their parts cut off by sausage wielding sadistic manchilds... etc... and no bears... nor moons... or ravens... or gods forgive easter bunnies...? hmm

And a personal favourite and a complete and utter bastard... no really he is secretly the bastard child of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton... except that he turned out to be a Glover... Before they went all northern like... With their grey piss and hot chocolate (not a good combination in my valid opinion...). Notice the hand in the top left corner... It took too long to paint, and still its wonky, so don't look twice.

And lastly, on the GoT front, two pitiful billmen, friends of the "Bastard" no doubt. His playmates and fellow ruffians... footmen... etc.

More stuff that I couldn't be bothered to put into a second blog post, etc.

So I began another project, which I promptly abandoned for something else and converted in depth into once again, something else.

But here are some things...

Hmm, no comment up until here, but I have to say that radagast is pretty good looking being blond. Too bad he has a terrible choice in clothing!

 Warm Regards

 I'M BACK!!!

ps: umm, I had something witty, but I forgot it. So embarrassing... umm, yeah!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fulfilling Dreams : Wants and Needs

Hehe, so the other day I was just passing by the local store -- I needed to pick up some supplies for the board I am making, as well as some paints. And I found something quite unexpected. I was just chatting to the manager, and paging through some books when I glimpsed this...

Now, I have always wondered at SBG... But, I bit the bullet and bought it anyway, because what the hell. Could I live without it. Yes. Would I have been happier spending the money on something perhaps more useful, possibly. But will it fill a gap in my life, however small a gap it might be, certainly.

I have been studying economics recently, looking at needs and wants. I have identified this purchase as a want... One that I could thankfully satisfy. It will just be fun, paging through at times...

Oh, and as a side note, I have recently been reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -- by Tolkien -- it took me a while to just sit back and read it -- but I found I actually quite enjoyed it. I truly recommend it to any other fans of oldish literature/language or of Tolkien!

There are some nice references in it to middle earth -- pure gems... hehe.

It actually makes me feel like doing a scenario on it -- set in dark age England -- buuuuut, it will have to weight for a time when my metaphorical purse is heavier and my load of projects is slimmer (aka, never... ;D ) But maybe... One has to dream...


Friday, 3 June 2016

Sculpting Oldhammer 2 : Dwarf

So onwards I have persevered! And onwards, I have prevailed! And I have reaped the semi-debious rewards!

So today I finished sculpting a dwarf -- I wanted to try something smaller than a human -- and I wanted to try do hands. That was all I really wanted. Still, he looks semi awful, buuuut, I am just going to be using him for my dabblings in oldhammer...

Anyway, I haven't thought of a name yet -- but maybe I will go for Harald, as I didn't use it for the previous sculpt? I don't know!

And he turned out bigger than your common-or-garden gw dwarf -- at least those made in the 80's and 90's -- nowadays their dwarves are like little fat armoured tanks... hmm, one could probably use some of them as squats for 40k... not that I have anything to do with 40k if I can help it!

But anyway, here he is, all painted up. Harald the Half Dwarf -- damn! It sounds monty python... eric the half-bee anyone?

Anyway, I was saying... he painted up easily and so... on to the next project...

Next up in this little series will probably be bigger than human sized, methinks. An ogre, troll or hill giant, most likely...

But anyway, that's all for now...

Kind regards,


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sculpting Oldhammer -- myself -- aged 75

So for a while now I have been dabbling in sculpting, conversions here and there. So finally, whilst in the midst of an avid conversation with llama, I started pressing putty onto some wires that I had stuck into a cork.

He began as an elf, one which I had previously done some writing for, but I soon realized that my sculpting skills would not make the mark. So, he turned into oldhammer.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the wip -- those always seem to be my favourite, but, here he is.

Upon his completion, I decided that he was me, as a Norse in Oldhammer -- he has the same haircut -- and the facial hair (or at least, in my imagination... ;D ).

So, although I first thought he would be called Harald, I ended up naming him Josha -- with a j pronounced as a y.

And here he is all painted up! Which didn't take more than around 45 minutes -- not including drying time.

All in all, it was an enjoyable mini project, and although he is rather pathetic -- he does look quite cute!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Converting an Oldhammer Beastman Part 2

This one was a bastard -- I admit it. His right arm just wouldn't come off. I spent around 5-10 minutes on it alone! It simply wouldn't give! But thankfully, I eventually hewed it off along with his axe, and so I could get on with the conversion.

So next up comes the shield and a chaos marauder horsemans spear arm.

Because of the strange positioning of his shield, and because I am too lazy to move his arm, I decided that he was guarding against arrows. So on go some plastic arrows.

I have, however, been forced to abandon this project as I am firmly in the throes of attempting to sculpt. I will post my progress soon!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Total War: Warhammer is here!

Wooohooo! I love total war and now this?! Fantastic! Purchased!

Really looking forward to this game and I hope it works nicely!