Wednesday, 9 December 2015

At last some fun!

I have had a sh*tty week. Yes, I have. It's true.

Very bad! Anyway, things are looking a little better. I have written up a little oldhammer scenario and created some warbands. I will only be playing it post Christmas. because I only ordered the one warband (four drunken dwarves and three clansmen of Lamedon, today. Sigh. Which means its only going to arrive maybe, 2 and a half years in the future. Actually, the longest I have ever waited for something GW is maybe 4 to 5 months. Terrible.

So, this is a Pestigor, which was really fun to paint, and I mean, super duper fun. At first I wasn't sure I liked the miniature, but the moment I finished the base coat, I knew... I was in love... But not with Nurgle... Just with the model... I really don't love Nurgle. He is a little funny though. Anywho?

He looks better in real life...

And, here are his seven adjacent plague zombies. Yes, these are mantic zombies, but they work well enough for this purpose until I manage to get some nice lead ones. 

Anyway, I have always wanted to paint realistic zombies, ones that look like dead people, not zombies. So that is why I have painted these in such weird colours, because I am a rebel. And because it oldhammer (sort of, I use the 3rd ed rules).

Now this is proof that I actually wrote the scenario. Don't try to read it because with it right in front of me I still cant make it all out. I shall type it out a little later. Maybe after Christmas. This is just proof!

Good bye. For now...

ttfn :)

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